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What you'll find inside.

This guide has been designed for people at any level who are looking to garner the support and interest of others (such as leadership or peers) to consider the HOP approach within an organisation. 

It covers useful presentation guidance including:
  • Conveying the How, What and Why
  • Building a Compelling Story to introduce HOP 
  • Applying HOP & Learning Teams to your organisation 
  • Tips for delivering a top HOP presentation 
  • Pitch examples 

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Before you start.

This guide contains practical advice and examples for building an effective pitch for HOP & Learning Teams within your own organisation. It details a helpful process for building a presentation you can give to senior leaders or peers in your organisation. It is by no means the only approach, and is purely designed as a guide with examples to help you think about ideas that are relevant to your own circumstances. 

It can be used in conjunction with the free PowerPoint Slide Deck Template, which provides a foundation for building your own pitch that can be tailored and personalised to suit your organisational context. Contact us to request a copy of the slide deck template. 

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