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The Learning Teams cycle is included in Southpac International's Learning Teams Guide

What you'll find inside.

The guide has been designed as an introduction to the Learning Teams method and is intended to be used by those with a foundational understanding of Human & Organisational Performance (HOP).

It covers useful topics including:
  • The purpose of Learning Teams
  • When (and when not) to use them
  • Learning Teams structure
  • Who's involved?
  • Outcomes and next steps, and
  • Suggestions for starting the Learning Teams approach 

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Before you start.

Southpac's Learning Teams Guide can also be a useful resource for sharing with your teams or leadership when discussing how HOP could benefit your organisation. Learning Teams are a great place to start with HOP, but it's important to have a plan for how your organisation will embrace operational learning and move towards new view thinking. 

Introducing Learning Teams into an organisation or team that is not ready to hear how work is really done can be a more damaging exercise than a helpful one. Reach out for a chat with us if you are in the early stages of HOP, or check out our Learning Teams Pilot

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